Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee will be conducting the JEE Advanced 2019. The examination will be conducted in online mode in two sessions on May 27, 2019 (Monday). Candidates willing to get admission into IITs and various top engineering colleges need to take up and qualify JEE Advanced 2019. Candidates who have qualified in JEE Main 2019, can fill and submit their applications for JEE Advanced 2019. For getting admission in IIT colleges it is compulsory for candidates to qualify in both JEE main and JEE Advanced. Currently, JEE Main 2019 Paper 1 is successfully completed. Hence, it is time for candidates to start their preparation for IIT JEE Advanced 2019. You can go through the blog to know IIT JEE Advanced preparation tips and how to crack IIT JEE with high score. You can also check out top IIT JEE Advanced preparation books.

With only a few days left now, here are a few last minute tips and tricks that must be kept in mind:

Tips to get through the JEE Advanced 2019

Revise covered topics

Concentrate on the topics that you have already covered and about which you are confident. It is not the time to learn new topics as it will only waste time and lower your confidence.

Make a Timetable

Prepare a revision timetable and study during the last days before the exam according to this schedule.

Time Management

Decide beforehand how much time you will spend on each section. Work this out according to your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to not favour the sections you like as the cut-off for all subjects must be cleared.


Revise all the formulas and difficult problems for each subject.


Don’t try group studies in the last two weeks. The build-up of anxiety and stress will be more within a group, and it is bound to influence you.


Practice from question banks and past years’ IIT JEE papers and Narayana Test Series . This would give you an idea about the upcoming JEE Advanced.


While attempting mock papers try and pace yourself, so that on the day of the exam you have estimation of how much time will you take for each section.

Set target score

It would be better if you set a target score range for yourself and practice according to that. This would help you work on your strong areas and make it easier for you to achieve the score for which you’re aiming.

Read carefully before you attempt

When you get the exam paper on the day of JEE Advanced, do not start attempting it blindly. Read the entire question paper carefully. Begin with the easier questions which carry more marks and move on to the more difficult questions.


Be sure to remain calm and not let the stress get to you. Take frequent breaks and relax your mind. In order to do well in the exam, your mind needs to be stress-free.

Take Rest Between the Back to Back Examinations

The JEE advanced exam takes place in two shifts, so make sure you are taking proper rest, eating well and not doing anything that your body isn’t habitual of. Also, you can bring your personal collection of music to listen or a pack of a healthymealto give your body a boost and the required energy.

Keep in mind the tips mentioned above, and we are sure you will score well in the upcoming JEE advanced examination. All the best!

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