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Devoting A Year to IIT-JEE Preparations

Devoting a year to IIT JEE Preparations

Every aspiring engineer dreams of studying at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) which is considered to be one of the best in India, as well as around the world. But, going towards this path of achieving it very challenging. To handle challenges with ease one must starts preparing early for their career.

One must have a very powerful determination and know exactly which college to join and which branch to study at, usually these are the students who are able to crack the exam due to their confidence of achieving the goal. So, does this mean that a student should drop out a year to have full concentration on preparation for IITJEE. The answer is ‘Yes’

 We are here to help you decide if one year dropping decision is a good decision for you?

 You could not get through the JEE Main for JEE Advanced. This happens due to many reasons:

  • Did not do much revision especially class XI syllabus so as to concentrate more on Class XII boards.
  • Lack of collecting revision notes
  • Lack of performance during the JEE Main exam
  • Neglecting NCERT books and not enough preparation

 Cleared JEE Main for JEE Advanced, but had a bad performance in the JEE Advanced. If you have cleared the JEE Main, then you must know that you are good at it. But, to achieve a good performance in JEE Advanced one must put in extra effort. The following reasons could be the cause of low performance.

  • Could not give your best on JEE Advanced exam.
  • Could not deal with surprise elements under the matrix match type questions.
  • The test seemed time consuming in some difficult questions.

Mistake in calculations

  • Could not utilise a time span of six to seven weeks effectively between JEE Main and JEE Advanced
  • Your focus was entirely on class XII Board exam.
  • Lack of exposure towards the competitive set of examinations.

By, starting to prepare for competitive exams from an early age it helps to develop better IQ skills and analytical thinking ability. It enables the student to perform consistently under such exam conditions.

  • Benefits of investing a Year on IIT-JEE Preparations
  • Focus on enhanced preparations
  • Characteristics of reputed colleges
  • Opportunity to learn and mend previous mistakes
  • Excellent facility, academics and research opportunity
  • Enables to take action for other colleges as a Plan B.
  • Great infrastructure
  • Chances of getting into premium college

 The decision of investing a year of preparation for IIT-JEE should not be taken as the only option to arise from failure. It should be taken as a motivational factor to be able to perform much better next time. But, having a structural study pattern which will make preparation much easier and here are few tips on how you can do so.

  • Do not stray away from your syllabus or books. It is a common issue for students to use too many study materials /test papers which ends up in them studying more than the required amount.
  • Analyse on what mistake were made during your JEE Main and Advanced.
  • Start on a fresh note with necessary focus on Class XI and XII syllabus.
  • Focus on fundamentals and the concepts applied.
  • Prepare weekly study plans and try to accomplish them under any circumstances.
  • Finish the syllabus by December so that you can revise more.
  • Attempt good number of standard All India mock tests to see how you progress. Monitor you performance and review it with ‘Rank Potential Index’ – it is an indicator which enables you to understand the kind of ranking you would get in the actual test.
  • If you are appearing for the IIT-JEE you always have an edge over the other students. Keep in mind the do’s and don’ts with that experience and make use of the second attempt wisely.
  • Realising the previous mistakes and rewriting the IIT-JEE in a second attempt is a good decision. By devoting your one year of continuous devotion you can reach your goal.

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  1. Remarkable post. No doubt IIT_JEE is one of the most toughest examination in India. Narayana is the lightning source for all who preparing. Dedicated preparation with good guidance is necessary to clear the test. Devote your self with Best Books for JEE Mains

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