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Prevalent bloopers made by JEE aspirants that lead to their failure

There are a handful of students from the entire nation that land up in the so-called premier institutes of the country—that is, IITs, NITs, and IIITs? The point worth mentioning is almost 13 lakh students apply but roughly 10 thousand could make their way into IITs. So, how did they crack the JEE? There must be something special that the top 10 thousand students did that differentiated them from the crowd. Or let me put it another way, there must be some mistakes that the rest of the people did that cost them a Govt. Engineering College seat. Let’s examine some of them.

Blunders JEE aspirants make resulting in failure

 Lack of disciplined routine

Some really deserving candidates do not get past JEE Main, not because they lack aptitude, but because they lack discipline. Discipline involves setting aside a few hours every day for study and pushing your limits to stick to those hours. Failing to adhere to these simple things is the reasons for failure in IITJEE.

Too many distractions

Another major reason for failure in IITJEE is lack of focus. A casual approach towards the exam is a major reason why students fail to achieve the IIT dream.

Lack of a study plan

IITJEE exam presents mind boggling figures. There are almost 50,0000 questions to be grasped and solved, 100 chapters to be studied and two years to complete all this. Also student also need to prepare for their plus two simultaneously. Absence of a proper study plan is another reason for failure.Students falter and all their efforts gather dust.

Unique style of the exam

IITJEE tests the application skills of the students rather than their book knowledge. Cramming is the biggest reason for failure in IITJEE. Almost all the problems appearing in these entrance exams do not appear anywhere in text books and require high logical thinking on the part of students. Trying to solve the problem using mugged up formulae rather than logical thinking causes the students to fail.

 Lack of proper mentoring

While all coaching institutes provide study material, infrastructure, only a few institutes offer mentoring to meet the specific needs of individual students. The lack of personalisation is the main reason for failure in the IITJEE examination.

Failure to develop an examination temperament

Success requires not only extensive knowledge, but also a proper attitude towards preparation. The following bottlenecks are the main obstacles towards succeeding at the IITJEE entrance examination: Lack of positive outlook towards hard work and discipline and an Inability to understand the concepts at the core level.

Not addressing the pain areas

Failure to address the pain areas is the biggest hurdle towards clearing the IITJEE. It has been observed that students appearing for IITJEE face the following problems; Inability to grasp key concepts, Inability to increase the study hours, Inconsistent with effort.

Lack of proper subject wise strategy

IITJEE is not limited to just a single subject or a single concept. There are three subjects and thousands of students whose understanding and grasp of these subject varies to a great extent. Hence a student along with his/her mentor needs to address his/her strengths and weakness and devise a suitable strategy to tackle these subjects.

At the end, focus on your goal, take wise decisions and work hard on it.

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