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Simple tips to ace the upcoming JEE Advanced exam

JEE, a route to reach the best engineering institutes across India i.e. the IITs and NITs. Every year, millions of students apply for Joint Entrance Exam to get a place in some of the finest engineering institutes in the world. For this, a lot of students quit their co-curricular activities and become bookworms, which is quite not necessary.

Getting prepared for JEE is good, as it offers you a way to move forward for a golden future, but killing up your Interests and Hobbies for it is certainly not appropriate. Your dream of JEE must be your power to win, not your weakness to lose. To help all the candidates in preparing for the upcoming Joint Entrance Examinations, we are here to showcase some key points for JEE.

Few Tips to get through the JEE Advanced 2019

Below are the tips that will help you ace the exam:

1: Be Relax

If you have gone through the JEE Advanced Question Papers for the previous years, you would know that JEE Advanced is not a tough test. It is based completely on the curriculum that you followed at +1 and +2 levels. What you really need is to be mentally relaxed in the exam, so that you do not make mistakes.

2: Prioritize

Your first preference should be to consolidate the syllabus that you are thorough with and then take up, in convenient lots, the rest of the syllabus you are not so comfortable with. In this preparation, the past JEE Advanced Free Papers would come in handy. Shortlist a few topics based on the past JEE Advanced papers and then systematically work on them. Once you are through with one lot of topics, you may take up the next.

3: Practice

Divide all the JEE Advanced Model Papers you use for practice into the three parts. Each part should be practiced, and timed separately. This is because your strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas vary.

4: Unfriend Procrastination

‘From tomorrow I will start studying hard.’, ‘today, it’s too hot, no study environment’- convincing yourself with such excuses is nothing but creates hurdles for you only on your way to qualify JEE Advanced 2019. You will have to leave procrastination behind if you really want to know about how to prepare for JEE Advanced 2019. The students need to just focus on studying the right things to outshine in JEE Advanced Exam 2019.

5: Management of Time

Time management is the key to unveiling the answer for how to prepare for JEE Advanced 2019. The aspirants, who know how to manage time to devote on Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, inch closer towards success in this prestigious engineering entrance exam of India. Improper time management may lead you to disappointment and even your hard work cannot win you success in JEE Advanced Exam 2019. Being a bookworm doesn’t assure success; rather work hard in the right direction.

6: Maintain a schedule

Maintaining a schedule is certainly necessary. Especially, when it comes to understanding How to Prepare for JEE Advanced 2019 or as hard as this examination. You must absolutely make sure that the schedule that you are preparing should have all the subjects in them equally spread over. Of course, you will allow yourself rest too. If you don’t then there are high chances that you will break down under the immense pressure. If you distribute the pressure then certainly you can get through with the preparation just fine.

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