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Start at the right time with the right thoughts for JEE 2021

JEE has evolved over the past many years. Earlier it was just IIT-JEE conducted in offline mode but now the prestigious engineering competitive exam is held in two parts. One is JEE Main, other being JEE Advanced. Candidates who qualify in stage one i.e. JEE Main will only be allowed to appear for JEE Advanced. The rank of JEE Advanced decides which IIT or engineering college you get.

In order to access the competency of students for admission to premier higher education institutions, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India (GOI) has established ‘National Testing Agency’ (NTA). This exam conducting authority will be responsible for conducting a transparent, efficient, and international standard test. As per the announcement in the year 2018 by MHRD, JEE Main is scheduled two times a year in computer-based mode while JEE Advanced still remains a single attempt paper conducted by any one of the present IITs in computer-based mode.

Tips to prepare for JEE Mains & Advanced 2021

Here are a few tips to ace one of the toughest exams in India:

1) Goal Setting:

When there is want there will always be a way. Once an aspirant is sure that JEE is his/her destiny then he/she should have the right attitude to set the goal and tackle the exam. JEE requires dedicated preparation of at least two years, hence setting small goals will help in doing preparation and also keeping things regular.

2) Guidance:

In the entire preparation process there will be times when an aspirant might feel lost and lose track of the vast syllabus. For eventualities like this, guidance is required to help and bring the aspirant to the right path. Joining coaching centers will not only help an aspirant to get guidance but also coaching materials are must-haves while preparing for JEE.

3) An efficient Timetable:

An exam such as this requires precision in planning and preparation. Preparing for JEE is not only about studying Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics but also practising numerous mock tests and solving previous year’s papers. Not having a proper schedule will leave a lot to juggle between and at the end can leave the aspirant confused and lost. In the final year of preparation, an aspirant should accommodate time for self-study, coaching, commuting and recreational activities in the timetable. The 24-hour day will fly past in a jiffy, so a mobile device will help an aspirant to study and to fill in the dead hours of the day.

4) Motivation:

Two years is a long time for a person to be doing anything without diverging from it. Monotony and boredom can set in very quickly and keeping up the motivation levels can become tricky. To overcome this situation an aspirant can look to other avenues like webinars, v-logs, podcasts to study and mix things up. It is not important that knowledge can come from books alone.

5) A healthy mind requires healthy lifestyle:

The most ignored advice by aspirants is about maintaining good health. To be able to do constant preparations, an aspirant will require a healthy body and mind. One should not only eat healthily and avoid junk food but also make time to do some recreational activities. Besides health, this will keep the mind fresh and will help in effective preparation.

Clearing JEE is going to bring you a lot of opportunities in the engineering/architecture sector. Therefore, students are advised to take the 2 years preparation time very seriously. Candidates with full determination and dedication are only going to hit the bull’s eye. So, start today for a better tomorrow!

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