JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams in the country and requires perseverance and hard work to crack it. Aspirants looking forward to it, generally takes around 2 years to prepare and JEE 2019 is few months away.

More than lakhs of aspirants look forward to these exams to get themselves enrolled in the top engineering colleges of India. JEE Advanced is the only way for aspirants to take admissions in the prestigious IIT’s B. Tech stream and give themselves a chance to carve a bright future.

Here are few things that can help you achieve your dreams:

Four ways you can score great in JEE Advanced

1) An efficient Timetable

An exam such as this requires precision in planning and preparation. JEE 2019 is less than a few months away so having a robust schedule is of utmost importance. Preparing for JEE is not only about studying Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics but also practicing numerous mock tests and solving previous year’s papers. Not having a proper schedule will leave a lot to juggle between and at the end can leave the aspirant confused and lost. In the final year of preparation, an aspirant should accommodate time for self-study, coaching, commuting and recreational activities in the timetable. The 24-hour day will fly past in a jiffy, so a mobile device will help an aspirant to study and to fill in the dead hours of the day. You can join the exclusive test series by Narayana to help you score and achieve your target.

2) Do not lose focus till the exam is done

In case you have made it to the list of deserving aspirants selected to appear for the JEE Advanced, do not let your focus go for even a day. Treat every day as a new one; do not lose hope, yet, do not become overconfident. The key to success in case of such a crucial exam lies in relentless practice and never losing sight of your goals.

3) Elucidate all the doubts

Never feel bad or underestimate while elucidating your doubts. Clarifying doubts is an important step as it helps in clearing up the doubts and increases the score in the exam. So, never hesitate while clarifying your doubts. You can also spell out your doubts through online by sitting at home too. The perfect method is to mark the questions and topics which you find difficult and you need help with and devote time to them with an expert or your teacher. Narayana coaching institute Delhi has the best and most experienced faculty who can help you clear all your doubts.

4) Optimistic attitude

One should keep positive attitude, as positive attitude gives you good vibes and helps you in overcoming your weak areas. If you have a desire to do something, then enthusiasm helps you in overcoming that area. With positivity one cannot become a good performer but one can able to build himself / herself. Negativity will gives out nothing but results as frustration and failure of the desired work.

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