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Tips to overpower stress and anxiety while preparing for JEE and NEET

Nowadays every student has this overrated term associated with student’s life. I wonder the days of 80’s and 90’s and students of that era. Didn’t they find any stress like today. Is education this much stressed nowadays. No, it’s not like that. Instead, nowadays, education, getting knowledge is much more easier than earlier times. it’s very simple than those days when you don’t have any great platform to put up your questions or to be in the debate.

In order to ace any exam, therefore, it’s crucial that you inch yourself away from stress by following the tips given below:

Conquer the fear of JEE and NEET with these simple steps

Think about your post-exam plans

Post-exam plans can often act as a motivation while you are studying day in and out. Every time you feel stressed or low-spirited, think of a long holiday or about chilling with friends and in no time you will feel enthused to do your best and move on to the better part of life after the tests are over.

Sound Sleep

Do not disturb your sleep pattern or miss on sound sleep, under any circumstances. Good sleep of around 7 hours is essential to refresh your mind and plays a vital role when it comes to retention. Proper sleep will help you memorise things faster and recall what you’ve learnt.


Start your day with a little exercise that will give you an energy-boost. Follow it up with a nutritious breakfast that will keep you in a good mood and assist you in studying attentively. Exercise also releases feel-good hormones in your body called Endorphins which keep stress at bay and help you stay focussed for longer.

Give time to yourself

While you are preparing for your exam, it’s important that you take out some ‘me time’ to regain the energy spent in studying. Dabble in some fun activities during this time, depending on your personal preferences. Whether you love playing video games, listening to music, going out for a walk with your friends or reading, make sure that you carve out a schedule which allows time for some indulgence and rejuvenation.

Be Positive

A positive mindset is crucial while preparing for exams. It will not only spike your confidence level but will also help you develop faith in your own hard work. Just believe in yourself and have a positive outlook towards your exam and nothing can go wrong.

Opt for Group studies

Group studies can go a long way in mitigating the tension that accompanies exams. By studying with our peers and constantly interacting with those who are in the same boat as us, we always tend to feel calmer and happier which can go a long way in improving our performance on the day of the exam.

Start your preparations on time

By avoiding procrastination, you also avoid last-minute apprehension. Kick start your exam preparation well in advance so that you don’t end up with piles of books to be read at the last moment and added pressure and stress.

Study smartly

Avoid cramming chapters while studying. First understand the concept well and then revise it repeatedly so that it stays embedded in your mind. Learning without understanding is futile and leads to unnecessary fear at the last minute.

Opt for test series preparation

The advent of test series has diminished the barriers of time and location, helping you to study on the go wherever you are and whenever you want to. Opt for tests and test series available according to your suitable time to enhance your preparation. This will help you prepare holistically for your exam and even reduce your anxiety to a great extent.

Stay stress free by following these tips and score amazingly great by staying optimistic.

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