XIth Appeared/ XIIth Studying
One-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (OYICP)
Xth Appeared/ XIth Appearing
Two-Year Integrated Classroom Programme (TYICP)
IXth Passed/ Xth Appearing
Three-Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
VIIIth Passed/ IXth Appearing
Four-Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
VIIth Passed/ VIIIth Appearing
Five-Years Integrated JEE Classroom Programme
XIIth Pass Students
Intensive One-Year Classroom Programme (IOYCP)
XIIth Appeared/ XIIth Passed
Extended One-Year Classroom Programme (EOYCP)
XIIth Passed
Condensed One-Year Classroom Programme (COYCP)
XIIth Studying/ XIIth Pass Students
Special Rank Promoting Programme (SRPP)
XIIth Appearing/ XIIth Passed
Finishing Edge Crash Course for JEE (Main) & IP Univ. CET
VIth/ VIIIth/ Xth Presently
One-Year Foundation Course
• FD1 – VIth = For Vth Appeared/   VIth Studying.
• FD1 – VIIIth = For VIIth   Appeared/ VIIIth Studying.
• FD1 – Xth = For IXth Appeared/   Xth Studying.
Presently in VIIth/IXth
Two-Year Foundation Course
• FD2 – VIIth = For VIth   Appeared/VIIth Appearing
• FD2 – IXth = For VIIIth Appeared/   IXth Appearing
  Much care has been taken in designing the study Program’s / study materials and these are updated from time to time by the Academic Council.  
  Paramount All-India Test Series (PAITS), and other Tests improve the students' examination techniques and problem-solving ability.  
  The progress reports are then sent to parents by post to keep them abreast of their wards' performance.  
  Frequent parent-teacher meetings are also carried out for effective feedback.  
  There are micro-level and macro-level analyses of the performance of the students with regular follow-up measures.  
  Special care is given to students who may not be that strong in their academic performance.  
The faculty conducts doubt clearing sessions. In these sessions any doubt a student may have is cleared. Certain topics may be repeated, should a student have doubts about concepts or if a student misses some lectures for bona fide reasons.
  Our courses enable the students to build core concepts, achieve accuracy, speed and develop confidence. The students are motivated to learn and perform to their optimum levels.  
PMT Program’s
PMT for XI Studing
PMT Two Year Integrated Classroom Program
PMT Two - Year Classroom Programme
PMT for XII Studing
PMT One Year Integrated Classroom Program
PMT for XII Pass
PMT One - Year Classroom Programme
PMT Test and Discussion Programme
PMT Finishing Edge (Crash Course)
PMT Supreme Test Series
PMT Target Course