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10 Ways to Effectively Manage Time

It is very hectic during examination for students and only gets tougher to juggle time between studies, school and extracurricular activities. While it is important for you to study various subjects with several chapters, it is equally important to allot time for relaxation. These tips below will guide you towards how effectively you can manage your time.

Importance of Prioritizing

Check the chapters with the highest weightage and the longest chapters. Make sure to start learning them first as they will consume more time. These should be your priority.

To-Do Lists

Everyday before bedtime, make a list of things you need to do the next day. Plan out every single detail and allot  yourself time for relaxation and physical activities as well.

Distant yourself from Distractions

It is very vital to stay away from anything that causes distraction, while you are studying. Keep your mobile phones and internet away while you are studying to maintain concentration. Avoid daydreaming.

No Harm in Saying ‘No’

If you have not completed your targeted syllabus and your friend or family wants you to spend time with them. It is okay to say no, this does not mean that you cannot take breaks at all. Take breaks whenever you feel it is necessary.

Have realistic Expectations

Keep your goals and aims very realistic to be able fulfill. As unrealistic goals will lead to disappointment, whereas  realistic goals and expectations will help you stay motivated when you achieve them.

Allot Extra Time

Be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances by allocating extra time. Your plan may not always go according to how you like, so it is wise to be prepared prior. Don’t rush into completing the syllabus, this will not help you grasp anything quickly. But, only cause wastage of time and energy.

Using a Calendar

A calendar can be your best friend to plan your day. It will make it easier for you to remember things and let you set a reminder of how much time needs to be devoted to a certain task at hand. Setting up a calendar on your phone or PC can help you ensure that you stick it to consistently.

Self- Rewarding

Whenever you think you have completed your target, treat yourself for it. Indulge yourself in something that you enjoy doing, it could be watching tv, taking a walk, calling your friend up.. These little things will ensure your brain is relaxed and charged for studying again.

Focus of the Task

When you are so determined to achieve a certain goal, that you even forget how much time has passed by – that is known as ‘flow’. Flow makes it much simple for you to be motivated towards the goal and increases your willingness towards putting your heart and soul into something you want to achieve, without any distractions. It creates an atmosphere that lets your focus on the task in hand very keenly.

Fair Amount of Rest

Studying while your body is stressed or tired will decrease the efficiency of your brain to learn things and also lower your concentration level. So, it is highly crucial to give yourself a minimum of eight hours sleep everyday.

We hope you remember these points and work hard to achieve your goals.

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