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Elementary Measures to get over the “Mathematics” Phobia in JEE exams

Mathematics is inarguably one very important subject in JEE preparation. One needs to have a vigorous study plan for Mathematics throughout their IIT JEE preparation to absorb all the concepts and formulas. A lot of students love Mathematics but there also many who try to run from it.

Fundamental Steps to get over maths anxiety

Maths anxiety or rightly said as Maths Phobia has kept many students from studying disciplines where mathematics plays a crucial role.

Below mentioned are the few necessary measures to crack the Mathematics in JEE with no phobia:

1) Set a goal

If you want to qualify JEE Exam then you have to work towards achieving it which means equal emphasis to all subjects including Mathematics. You won’t have any option but to practise Maths well enough to clear the JEE.

2) Clarify your Concepts

Pay attention in your math classes and listen to all the lectures carefully. Ask as many questions as you can to clear all your doubts. Asking a lot of questions often helps in making your concepts strong.

3) Try learning some calculations before hand like

  •  Trigonometric tables
  • Square and square roots
  • Cube and cube roots
  • Basic derivatives
  • Basic integration
  • Limiting values

4)  Practice as much as you can

The old proverb is right, “Practice makes a man perfect”. As it is repeatedly said that Mathematics cannot be done without practice, its best to get acquainted with the strategies that come in handy while solving problems. There is no escape to practice if you really want to ace JEE.

5) Practice and revise notes everyday

Practice every single day, since Mathematics is a subject which needs daily attention. Every day before you sleep make a habit of reviewing and revising Math notes. Doing this, you will never omit what was being taught and will be more confident in the next class.

With all these tips combined, you can easily fight your phobia for Mathematics and score exceedingly in the math section in JEE. Good Luck to all the Aspirants.

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