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Get through the NEET entrance exams by following these simple tips

Becoming successful Doctor is a dream of every medical student. To make their dreams come true, lakhs of candidates appear for National Eligibity cum Entrance Test every year. The questions of NEET is only comes from the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. There are 45 questions from each subject sections that carry 180 marks. As the questions of AIPMT are intermediate level based questions, we suggest in revising 11th and 12th standard Physics, Chemistry, and Zoology and Botany books that following CBSE syllabus

Petty Simple tips for cracking NEET entrance exam

Talking about how to prepare, it never is about the amount of hours you study. That is a completely absurd way of measuring your progress. What matters is if you complete your goal for the day, which means to make a time table and delicately follow it. At the end of the day you should feel that it was a productive day. Focus on learning concepts, not chapters, That’s how you can cope with the large portion in relatively little time.

Few quick Tips include:

Know the syllabus of the examination well

NEET syllabus is very vast. It mainly consists of syllabus from NCERT. To cut short preparation time sort the topics colliding in NCERT and NEET, for ease of preparation.

Good study material

It is one of the most important criteria for NEET. The coaching you join will give you the best study material. Talk to your mentors for extra assistance if needed. Narayana has the best updated material for your preparation.

Join a Coaching Institute

A coaching institute builds the base and makes your foundation strong. It is a whole room where you can clear your doubts, learn more, prepare well and do anything to crack the entrance exam.

Prepare notes while taking classes

The best way to remember anything is to practice and write it. Writing will store things in your memory stronger than just listening.

Come up with an effective study plan

As described earlier a study plan set with goals is more important than putting extra unnecessary time. Plan your time well for everything.

Take Regular Study Breaks

To maintain an optimum level of concentration it is highly advisable to take brakes. It can be in any form you feel comfortable in; a short nap, music, food, gym, etc.

Do not fall for guesswork

Guessing is a high risk as it has negative marking. Don’t just guess and write you might loose marks for the correct answers as well.

Health is everything. Stay healthy and positive: Very rightly said, Health is wealth. If a student is not healthy it will be difficult for him/her to concentrate on the important things and hence tend to loose interest due to under performance. Stay healthy and positive to outperform and crack the exam.

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