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Guidance for Parents in helping their Child for IIT JEE

Guidance for Parents in helping their Child for IIT JEE

Preparations for IIT JEE seems like an exhausting task for the children. But, it is equally important for a parent to be a part of the process and help guide, support their children during the preparations. Children undergo a lot of mental pressure with too much to cope up with in a limited time.

Here’s how you can be supportive while your child in preparing for the examination

Mistakes parents need to Avoid?

Generally, parents don’t realise how their attitude towards the child and the school can make an impact on their education. Speaking ill of the educational institution with friends or family in their presence can cause a hinderance and hatred towards their mind as well. This may lead to the desire of not attending school. Parents should definitely keep in mind, to not make these mistakes.

  • Don’t discuss the teachers in a negative point of view
  • Only concentration on the teachers mistake
  • Don’t quickly accept your child’s complaints without convincing them towards a positive viewpoint.
  • Do not blindly support your child without knowing about real facts
  • Ill thoughts about school
  • Ignorance of complaints and problems regarding school

How to Make home beneficial for your Children?

Although it is difficult for teachers to be gotten home, there are several activities that can help children towards success. A proper home atmosphere can mend and help in the learning process of your child.

  • Avoiding arguments and fights at home and rather making sure to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Make sure the home space is comfortable to the child to concentrate in studying.
  • Encouraging the child to do his/her homework on time and never forget to praise them.
  • Sharing your own personal references of school years to set an example.
  • Ask about how their day at school was and what difficulties they might have faced and understand them.

Home is where the learning begins to make efforts to make it the best place to understand and nurture your child.

Other Factors for parents to help their child

Education is undoubtedly the most important factor for the parents. It is the parent’s responsibility to educate their children and encourage them to give their best at studies. It may sound silly, but a parent is mostly the reason behind a successful kid and it is in their hands.

  • There are many times when the child refuses to accept their fault and blame the teacher instead. A parent should listen to both sides and then come to a conclusion. Do not encourage lies.
  • If you need to speak to the teacher about your child’s behaviour. Make sure you do it while his/her presence in a personal parent/teacher meet.
  • Spend time in knowing your child so that they trust you and open up to you, to share their secrets or problems and find solutions to it together.
  • Have a balanced behaviour between being strict and loving depending on the situation.
  • Teach them how to manage time with new effective techniques

Be sure to always be there for your child and support them in their decisions. Help them understand if they are going wrong, guide them towards success.

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