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Guidance Tips to Relieve Anxiety and Stress During Exam Time

Tips to Relieve Anxiety and Stress During Exam Time

Having a high amount of pressure and stress is very obvious over every student, during the final exam time. The stress is so extensive that even if the student has studied, they happen to forget while in the exam hall. Which brings us to the important solution of helping you curb the anxiety and stress during exam time.

Useful tips to avoid anxiety and stress during exam time.

  • Planning

Update your study plan always by dividing it into an equal combo of the tough topics and easy topics as well. This helps you to not get bored easily and keep the study pattern intact. Make new timetables and routines to switch things up everytime. Planning a good schedule for revision time will ease up on your stress levels.

  • Enough amount of Breaks

Studying for more than 45 minutes at a stretch is not advisable. This leads to no gains, as the brain can only effectively concentrate for a certain time period. The more you force upon yourself to focus, the more you will fail at it. So, give yourself proper breaks while studying to grasp better.

  • Involve yourself in Some Exercising

It could be any sort of physical activity that you like such as badminton,swimming, cricket, walking, yoga etc.. by exercising you release the physical tension built up in your body.

  • Being Regular to Classes

If you concentrate well during your classes without skipping them or ignoring the lecturer, it will be very beneficial to you during your exam time. Because, you will already have an understanding of the topic and you’ll only need to revise on it. This in turn will reduce the burden while studying for exams.

  • Take Notes during Lectures

Just attending the class is not enough. Pay close attention to what is being explained and make important notes and diagrams for it. By doing so, you will be able to refer through these notes if you are unable to understand while studying and it will also be easier to memorize things.

  • Stay Calm

Students should not stress and worry about their exams. But, rather try to keep the mind and body relaxed. Find a spot which is calm and quiet and do some breathing exercises to stay calm. You may also do other things that help you keep your cool.

  • Having a good sleep

Adequate amount of sleep is a must before the exam day. A lot of students study late nights before the exam, which is not advisable. To have a healthy working mind the next day your body needs to get proper sleep. So, make sure you follow a good sleep pattern.

  • Choose a spot or time to study

Whether it’s studying during the day or night. Pick your time according to what makes you feel most comfortable. “Whatever sails your boat” is what you should do. To remain calm and relaxed, to keep your focus and help you study well is priority.

  • Healthy food

Eating healthy during exam time should be given the utmost importance. Keeping the blood sugar level intact will help avoid energy loss during the day and help maintain proper sleep during the night. Ample amount of water intake should also be considered all day.

  • Revision time

Involve your friends and family to take your tests to make it a fun session of learning. The more revision the better. Aim to become a master at everything you study and cover each and every topic of your syllabus while revising.

At Narayana Institution the teaching pattern helps in handling such situations for Students and builds a strong confidence in them. This makes the students stress/worry less and concentrate more on getting better grades or scores.

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