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Hacks to boost up your memory power and hence the performance

A child needs to have great memory as it is a vital thing for scoring great in the examinations. Jotting down a few points to help improve your memory :

Hacks to boost up your memory power

1) Reading out loud

You are more likely to remember things better when you read it out loud. Yes, that’s right. It helps memorizing in a much better way. Definitely give it a try.

2) Teach Someone

Once you are done learning and understanding the subject, try teaching it to someone else. This will surely help you understand what you have understood, as well as remember better.

3) Use App Blockers

Apps like Self Control help you getting rid of distractive websites by blocking them for a certain period of time. Cut your social media browsing and others things off completely. Use these kind of apps to maintain your concentration without any disruption.

4) Watching Documentaries

Visual learning related to your subjects topic will help you grasp things quicker. It is more easy to understand as it creates images of key details in your mind.

5) Do not study at Night a day before your exam

When you get proper amount of sleep a day prior to your exam, your brain processes all the information fed while you were studying. So, make sure you get ample amount of sleep as it will restore your memory and not invade it.

6) Group studying

If you like group studying it is even more beneficial for you. It helps you get an insight of everyone’s idea on a topic in a group. You can brainstorm and come up with better understanding on a topic and learn much faster.

7) Meditation

This is one of the oldest methods to gain higher level of concentration. It not only curbs the stress in your mind, but also increases the level of concentration so you are able to master the subject quickly.

8) Creating a mind-map Mentally

Try making connections and ideas to have an overview made in your mind. This will help you remember information easily without forgetting. It is the most creative way of learning.

9) Exercise is key

According to research, it has been proven that, as simple as a walk of 20 minutes before examination can boost your performance in the exam. Exercise helps in flushing out toxins and stress. Which results in a fresh mind all together.

10) Self Motivation

Don’t be a pessimist and try to motivate yourself in different ways. Reward yourself for right answers, this will encourage you in doing better every time you start studying.

Lastly, being optimistic and letting the positive energy out to the universe will help you achieve anything you want to. Give your 100 percent and the result will always be the best.

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