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 NEET is clearly been titled one of the most toughest exams in the Indian educational system which is a gateway to all the top medical colleges in the country. To secure a seat in the top colleges a student needs to score a good rank which requires immense amount of hard work and dedication. The competition for the competitive exam is very high.

 If you are aiming for NEET 2019, here are certain things that are crucial for you to be aware of.

 Things to be done in the coming 12 months span.

  • Make a Realistic timetable

 Create a timetable that you are capable of following with discipline. It is true that you have to push yourself from your comfort zone. But, doing so in the case of this will have adverse effects on your studies and cause demotivation. Work on your strength and weaknesses.  Do not over study, take breaks frequently. Make changes to the timetable as and when required.

  • Starting from the scratch

It is true that you have only a year left. But, by starting from the basics you will enable yourself to be thorough with the fundamentals. Start off by learning NCERT and learn every theorem and formula.

  • Pick your mode of studying

Every student has their own preference for studies. However, coaching is a must and there are different options to select from. But, studying in a classroom training is highly recommended. At Narayana we provide the most beneficial classroom training.

  • Time management during Mock tests

This is one of the major things a student must concentrate on. Prepare yourself by attempting many mock tests to be acquainted with the pattern of the real exam. Divide your time and allot equal time to all subjects. Don’t waste time on questions that you are not confident with, start with one’s that you know perfectly.

  •  Lecture Guidance

Being attentive during a lecture is extremely vital as it helps in memorizing better and also understand quicker. So, follow the lecture properly and ask for any doubts immediately. This will boost your memory.

  • Being Consistent

Being constant with your study routine is very vital. Hard work should be your goal for the entire year. It would be an added advantage if you have the fundamentals clear in class 11 itself. However, you can still come up with the concepts you are unclear of by covering those subjects with proper studies.

  • Practice & More Practice

Make sure you practice regularly to improve on your weaker points and gain confidence with more practice. Solve a number of sample papers to understand what you lack at and work on it to score better every time.

  • Clear your doubts

Consider your doubts as a learning process towards being better. Clear them as soon as possible rather than keeping them aside for later. This will help in faster understanding.

 At Narayana Institution, we ensure to value every student and clear any doubts that one may have to help them secure the rank they want to achieve. So, keep these points in mind for the NEET 2019 and you will definitely be able to score well within 12 months. Provided you are consistent and dedicated towards your goal.

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  1. Very knowledgeable piece of information for who all are aiming for NEET 2019. NEET medical books Your are right NEET is clearly been titled one of the most toughest exams in the Indian educational system and a gateway to all the top medical colleges in the country.

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