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Importance of the Foundation Courses

Are you an IIT aspirant studying in class VII to class X? There is an increasing amount of competition among the students of today’s age. As a result, students should have to choose wisely from a range of options available to them. No matter what field they are aspiring to get into there is always the option of joining the IIT Foundation Courses. To help nurture a student and teach them the fundamentals concepts which a great foundation to when their aim to crack the IIT-JEE or NEET or any other competitive exam they want.

 The goal of these courses is to ensure that students are able to indulge in more than just their educational syllabi. It gives a fundamental understanding of subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. It uplifts a student’s thinking ability and challenges them to new obstacles. Making them more capable to conquer any entrance exam.

Most students enroll in the classes during their school days itself. The admission criteria into any of the leading engineering/medical colleges are based on grades secured in class XII. As well as, the rank secured in the respective entrance exam.

Students have limited chances to crack these entrance test.

  • first, while the completion of your XII board exams
  • second, is in the following year.

It is almost imperative that students start coaching from grade VII and the IIT Foundation program provides a great start to the preparation. The structure of these foundation program designed in such a way that suit different student needs. For a better understanding of these foundation courses and their advantages check out the following.

Strengthening thought process:

Foundation program helps in expanding a student’s thought process by encouraging them to think outside the box. While dealing with a number of exercises in class. This gives an in-depth Analysis and train students to deal with the stress factor of any entrance exam.

Added advantage and competitive edge:

It gives a great platform to launch a candidate’s preparation for the entrance exam and gives them a competitive edge from the rest.

Fills the gap between academic pattern and entrance exam pattern:

A lot of times school curriculum focus more on the concepts rather than, the application of those concepts to derive those results. But, in the IIT-JEE exams most of the questions that students are tested on are, application based. That being said, the coaching bridges the gap between what the school examination pattern offer and what entrance examinations pattern offer.

Lays the foundation for other competitive exams:

One of the most important aspects of the IIT coaching program is the classes prepare you for any kind of entrance exam and not just the IIT-JEE entrance. The IIT exam follows a similar pattern like other entrance exams in the country. This tests a candidate’s application and analytical knowledge.

The IIT coaching program gives students a better understanding of the fundamentals that were taught in grade VIII and above. They keep the school’s curriculum as a base. Also, enhancing the skills further to give complete understanding. It also magnifies the students IQ and EQ by giving an all-around preparation.

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