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Important Rules and Regulations For NEET Examination of 2018

These NEET Rules and Regulations 2018 are designed by The Central Board of Secondary Education. It is strictly advised that the students follow every instruction. If any student is found guilty towards the violation of any of these instructions. The candidate shall be punished for such acts.

The NEET exam is being held on the May 06, 2018 all over India, providing different exam centres. Candidates are requested to carry their admit cards along for the exam day and follow the rules and regulations strictly. Students can find all information regarding the rules and regulations on different sources like official website and information brochure.

Here’s a list of all the necessary information regarding dress codes, items allowed to carry and banned items during the NEET examination 2018.

Do not violate the rules and regulations of the Examination as this hinders the carrying out of a fair examination. These are few things a candidate needs to keep in mind regarding the NEET 2018 exam.

Do not ignore the examination rules or information issued by CBSE in link with the Conduct of an NEET Exam.

• Do not practice impersonation or prepare materials for any sorts of malpractice during the exam.

• Do not help other candidates either in providing information or receiving any. By doing either of these you are violating the rules.

• Threatening the officials or any candidate is a strict No.

• Fraudulent documents such as admit card, self-declaration, rank letter etc. Changing of the photograph on application form or admit card.

• Taking the answer sheet outside of the examination hall is not allowed or sharing your answer sheet or question papers with anyone during the examination.

• Providing wrong information on your answer sheets or elimination of any information from the OMR sheet.

• Forcing an entry and exit in the exam hall.

Punishments for Violating the Exam rules

A candidate guilty of violating any of the rules above for the NEET 2018 exam will not be allowed to attend the NEET examination for 3 years and will also also be liable to an act of crime and will be responsible for any further action taken against him/her.

Banned Items during Examination

Candidates are not allowed to carry certain items that are banned. There will be highly sensitive metal detectors to check every candidate. If person is found with any banned items he/she will be quickly taken action upon. CBSE has banned these items in order to maintain disciple and avoid any trouble during the examination.

The detailed list of items banned in the exam hall are mentioned below:

• Stationery items such as, Pen Drives, bits of papers, Plastic, Pouch, Calculator, Pen, Scale, Log Table, Writing Pad, Electronic Pen/Scanners, printed/written materials, Eraser, Calculator, Geometry/Pencil Box, etc.
• Any communication device like Bluetooth, health band, earphone, pager, mobile phones, Microphone, etc.
• Other banned items include a hair pin, goggles, scarf, wallet, hairband, belt, cap, handbags, charm/tabeez, Watch/Wrist Watch, camera, Bracelet, Eatable items packed or unpacked, water bottles..etc
Any metallic items and items that can be used in malfunction practices during examination.

Guidelines for Examination Day

Here are some quick guidelines mentioned by CBSE that a student needs to follow for the NEET examination

• Reaching the exam hall at least an hour prior is a must. The last reporting time will be 9:30 am on the exam day, so make sure you reach by 8:30 am. Entry to the hall starts at 7:30 am on the day of the exam.

• Follow instructions/rules and maintain discipline.

• Candidate should follow dress code and not carry any banned items along.

Essential items to carry on NEET exam day

Only these items are allowed to be carried inside the examination hall.

• A passport photograph to paste on the attendance sheet.
• Aadhar Card for verification purposes
• Admit card with a passport size photo pasted on it.

Dress Code for the Exam Day

The students are requested to follow the dress code while appearing for NEET(UG).

• Wear light clothing with half sleeves

• Clothing should not have Big buttons, badges or brooches.

• No flowers with Salwar or trousers.

• Only slippers and sandals with low heels. No closed shoes or sneakers.

If any student arrives in a traditional dress for the examination, they need to arrive an hour prior so as to be checked thoroughly. Reporting time is 9:30 am so candidate would have to report an hour before that.

You can check further information if required on the official website i.e;

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