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Preparation Pattern for NEET if you are a Dropper

Preparation Pattern for NEET if you are a Dropper

Being a dropper is like a nightmare to a student’s life while you are preparing for NEET. In this article we guide you towards understanding what you need to do or follow to crack the NEET exam. To do better you need to accept your mistakes and mend your ways. Here we list out some solutions that you can follow to not repeat those mistakes again.

Being Completely Serious

If you were not serious the previous year then this is your time to start on a clean slate and work more harder. Develop more energy, interest and pace towards your studies.

Dedicate your time for the coming months to learning/revising the whole syllabus of NEET. What we mean is the whole of NCERT Theory and Numericals.

Incomplete Prepping

This happens when you may lack the motivation or guidance. You might be unable to solve the tough MCQ’s, had several doubts and lack of concept clarity.

Allocate 2, 3 months’ time to solve every level of MCQ’s be it medium level to high-level, learn weak concepts, solve important questions, Study NCERT and much more and make sure you achieve all these list of targets on time.

You find 11 std. Tough

Most students give more importance to 12 std. Than the 11 std. And end up missing out on a lot.

Make a one month timetable to study/revise all the syllabus of 11 std. If you find it difficult, then generate interest in the subject to gain enthusiasm.

Unable to crack tougher problems

If you find a way to figure this out, you will surely be able to crack the NEET exam.

Be optimistic at every stage and solve every difficult question without panicking. Remain motivated at all times and everyday.

Focus on biology

Many students tend to make this mistake. We understand that you are more interested in biology but, you need to spare equal time for physics and chemistry as well.

Think of Physics and Chemistry related to that of Medical Science, you will automatically begin to love these subjects as well.

Have not studied the NCERT thoroughly

The NCERT is the most resourceful book to gain knowledge on theories and concepts for NEET by referring to NCERT thoroughly you can be assured that you don’t miss out on any concept/topic that are omitted by other boards.

Solving lesser Mock Tests

If you have not solved more number of mock tests you will definitely face troubles while your exam.

Hold a target of solving at least 3-4 mock test papers every week. Start solving them immediately without wasting much time. Since, you are already repeated the exam. Solve a mock test paper twice once before checking the answers and once after checking the answers. This will give you more confidence.

Lack of Planning, Strategy & Interest in Subjects

Lack of important things such as seriousness, motivation and guidance are very bad. You should learn to love your subjects in order to be able to crack NEET.

You can Plan out your study schedule systematically rather than studying at random. Start finding reasons to love subjects like physics & chemistry. These are going to be the foundation of who you become. So learn to love them and understand them better.

Social media, Gaming and other Addictions

With modern days this is now a common problem and they ruin your preparations in more ways than you think.

Just keep telling your brain that “Facebook and Mobile phone aren’t that important”. Within a few times of repeating this your brain will start to believe it and it will become a habit.

Changing Mood and Motivation

Have you ever seen an inspirational video online and got instantly motivated. But, then the next day it’s all gone. Well, we all experience it.

Get yourself motivated to study and crack the NEET every single time you start studying and don’t use your phone.

Now, that we have spoken about the mistakes let’s go through what you can do to mentally prepare your “dropped year”.

The Anxiety of dropped year in Society

Don’t fret and worry about the questions from other people, it will only end up getting you more discouraged. Stand tall and answer with confidence this will convince them that you are strong enough to overcome this situation.

Build Mental Strength

Being mentally stronger is very important for your overall life and not just the dropped year.

To increase metal strength, you will need to learn to look for the positivity instead of the negativity in everything.

To learn the skill you need to preach it daily. Write down the points below on a notepad or your phone.

  • Questions are more tougher so that i get an edge over my peers.
  • These challenges are helping grow as a person
  • I will practice more
  • After a few weeks, this will turn into a habit.

Following these points will help in determining a mentally strong brain.

Having a mindset while solving MCQs

Don’t get frustrated with difficult questions. Stay calm and boost your energy levels by solving them in a right state of mind. This is the most vital factor that will help you during examination.

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