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As the exams are nearing and pressure is building up, keep your tensions aside and follow these simple steps to easily get through the exams.


1) *Research*:
Knowing the in and out the exam you are preparing for will help you shape your path better for the process of preparation and further getting through it.

2)*Make a routine*:
Routine is a must. Depending on the learning capacity and knowledge prepare your routine Having no routine may sound directionless. Show yourself the right track and prepare accordingly. Subject proficiency should also be considered as another important factor on how to divide the time. Some subject need more time and some less. Depending on the learning progress keep modifying the routine timely.

3)*Build your strategy*: Make a strategy such that, you complete the syllabus much before time. Once you complete your syllabus, you would be in a position to revise your courses as many times as you want. And revision not only makes ones learning better every time but also makes you remember things longer.

4)*Write and Practise*:
A study, said, writing by hand strengthens the learning process.Reading your own handwriting in a subject, dramatically improves your command on the subject. Don’t write full length answers but brief and write point to point. An individual tends to remember things better when it pens it down.

5)*Research and Previous years question papers*:
Do some research on the pattern and types of questions asked in the previous year. Moreover, there’s a strong perception that by going through the previous years’ question papers, makes it easier for a candidate to figure out the common questions.

6)*Time for self*:
While preparing for any exam, make sure to give yourself some own time. This helps in relaxing and regaining all the energy. Go play, watch movies, listen to music, dance or whatever is your game; just do it. This undoubtedly enhances your learning progress and regains energy fast.

7)*Be optimistic*:
Always be positive on whatever you are doing. Do everything with a positive attitude and stay motivated so that you get the goal achieved happily and right.

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