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Start Preparing for IIT JEE from Class 8th Onwards

Right Time to Start Preparing for IITJEE

IIT is a dream for many aspiring engineers. The competition to crack the JEE Mains & Advanced exam has become so tough that students begin to prepare for it early. Joining coaching institutions from class 8th onwards is what students with IIT dreams do now-a-days. Many coaching institutions have even launched ‘foundation programs’ for the students who are interested to start their learning early. Even parents are voluntarily agreeing to enrolling their kids to foundation courses by the best IIT JEE coaching.

Here are reasons why supporting early coaching for IIT JEE is necessary

Lesser Pressure, Fresh mind

If a student starts his/her preparation to crack the JEE from 8th standard onwards it will be easier for the student to be acquainted with the pattern and subject as well. Early preparation also preps a student for the class 11 examination in advance. It is vital due to the change in syllabus of class 11, which is very drastic and also, difficult for students to understand.

Importance of seriousness

It may be hard for an 8th grader to understand the importance of an exam as competitive as IIT JEE, it can be very beneficial to begin learning at this age. It is crucial for parents to decide if they want their kid to struggle later on or put in the extra effort from now itself to be less pressurized in the years to come.

Having more time to spend

In comparison to students in the 11th & 12th, students in lower grades have more time in hand to study. Simply because their syllabus is very easy compared to that of higher grade students. It is the best time to start the IIT JEE coaching for students while they are in the 8th class. So, that they are able to balance both school and coaching.

Taking Advantage of the ‘Foundation programs’

Self-study may be an option but, studying for IIT JEE is far too difficult for an 8th grader to understand. So, it is highly recommended that a student joins the foundation programs offered for students to be able to start their coaching at an early age and be able to grasp quickly.

In Conclusion

It is a great path for a student to have a vision from an early age. But, one should not force upon themselves to begin the preparation for IIT JEE unless, they are mentally prepared to handle the pressure and challenges. Discuss properly with your parents and take a decision. Also, remember that you are not putting your studies at jeopardy due to IIT JEE coaching at an early age.

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