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The Last stage Vital Prepping for NEET-2018 Examination

With the prestigious Medical Examination NEET so close now, it is time to prep up with some extra tips to boost up every aspect, as NEET is an important examination of the country.

-Here are few things penned down that you should definitely keep in mind

  • First of all, thoroughly reading your question papers is highly crucial. Try to understand every part of it, but don’t stress over the bits you don’t understand.
  • Revision time is at its peak now, so don’t try grasping new things at this time. Instead, be thorough with all the points and key notes during your revision.
  • Don’t while away precision time by calculating the cut-off, this will divert your attention due to stress.
  • Believe in yourself and everything you’ve studied.
  • Parents need to be the ultimate motivational factor at this time.
  • Having a good sleep of at least 6-7 hours is a must, before the exam day.
  • Do not overeat, opt for healthy foods, fruits and juices instead. Stay hydrated at all times.
  • Solve the questions that you find easy first then move onto the tougher ones by staying calm and composed.
  • Leave the questions you are unable to understand. Don’t waste valuable time on it. Time management is key.

These important points can help you cope with NEET examinations and give your best performance and achieve great scores. Wishing all the students very best from Narayana


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  1. The importance of getting quality sleep every night can never be overstated. Many of our vital functions and skills related to work performance, energy level …

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