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The very crucial Do’s and Don’ts to crack up the NEET 2019

Future doctors, we hope you are not fretting about your NEET exam to be conducted on Sunday, May 5, 2019. With just few days left for the exam, you can’t improve your level of preparation at this point in time, but you can surely follow some tips to ensure that you put your best foot forward on the D-day.

Here is a list of Do`s and Don’ts for these last days of your preparation which are extremely crucial for you

The Do's and Don'ts for the upcoming NEET 2019


  • Go through your admit card carefully: Every exam taker must read and follow the instructions provided in the admit card carefully. There are a set of rules regarding the dress code of candidates, the reporting time, the items that are allowed to be carried to the examination centre and so on. Students must take the print out of their admit card and IDs and must carry them to their respective centres.
  • Brush up all the basic concepts in every subject. Concentrate on graphs, flow charts and schematic diagrams to memorize concepts quickly. Also, write down important and recurring formulas, theorems and flowcharts on a white board/chart paper in your room. This way you can keep revising them anytime you like.
  • Time management is important, so do not forget to take many mock tests during the last ten days. Attempt at least one paper per day to know your strengths and weakness.
  • Clear all your last- minute queries and doubts with your mentors, teachers or friends help. It is very important that you enter the examination hall without any ounce of doubt in your head. So utilize all the time you have to get all your queries solved


  • Do not attempt to revise chapters individually during the last ten days. Also, do not start a new chapter afresh during the last ten days.
  • Do not start reading from new books that you haven`t studied before. Stick to the books that you have already studied from.
  • Do not focus on one subject for an entire day. Try to shuffle between subjects.
  • Do not saturate your brain too much and keep taking study breaks at reasonable intervals of time.

Possible important topics for NEET 2019 are:

Biology: Genetics, Morphology, Reproduction and Physiology of Plants and Animals; Cell Biology, Basics of Biotechnology and Ecology and Environment

Physics: Optics, Nuclear Physics, Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Chemistry: General Organic Chemistry, Mole Concept, Periodic Table, Coordination Chemistry and Chemical Bonding.

With these essential and easy tips, you will be set to appear for NEET

Wishing you all the luck and success ahead.

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