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Things to Follow for the Last Month Preparing of your JEE Advanced 2018 Exam

It’s time to start preparing for JEE Advanced 2018 Exam. The exam that will lead you to the Nation’s well-known IIT’s and NIT’s is now getting closer. The exam will be held on May 20, 2018. This exam will separate the Brainiac from the lot. Getting a good score to avoid the major cutoff worries is what one must concentrate on.

Here are a few tips from Narayana for all the JEE Advanced 2018 exam aspirants:


Just by reading the questions is not enough. One must thoroughly understand the concept of the questions. You need to make sure to revise more than your usual schedule. Make more time to understand and revise more and repeat. The more you practise this, the better you will be able to overcome problems from every type of question.

Concentrate on your strengths rather than weakness

Don’t try to overload your brain with new techniques. Instead, try to add to the strengths you already have. This will make the concepts-connections stronger. It is vital to conceptualize the scenarios of a question and then come up with a proper solution.

Practice under Real exam Situations 

Practice mock tests according to the real JEE Advanced 2018 exam schedule which is 9:00 am – 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. This way your body will adapt to the actual exam schedule and you will be able to think quicker. Try keeping the environment as close to the real exam as possible. This will prepare you to work on time management and quick problem-solving skills.

Pay attention to your Course Notes and Analyze your Answer key

The teachers who teach you have a fair amount of knowledge of what might appear on your exam day. So, pay close attention to what is being given more importance to in class. Chances are, you might get it in your exam as well in some twisted way.

While giving mock tests always remember to check with the answer key. To rectify your mistakes and analyze them so you do not make it again. This will give you an idea of how to approach similar questions and what you lack. So that you can work on it, to keep improving yourself.

Above all these things, staying calm and practicing a bit of meditation every day. Will help you to remain calm and composed on your exam day. Stay confident and wish you the very best for your preparations for the JEE Advanced 2018 exam.

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