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Tricks that will assured help you crack the IIT JEE Advanced 2018


JEE Advanced has been considered as one of the most toughest exams to crack in India. It is the foremost factor to determine an admission to 23 IITs of the country. It is the only way that gives an entry into the Bachelor Technology programs for IIT’s. The JEE Main and JEE Advanced are slightly different from each other and JEE Advanced requires higher thinking value. By studying at an Institution like Narayana you can achieve that goal and career you have always wished for.

These tips and tricks our professionals swear by at Narayana, will help you in cracking the JEE Advanced 2018 Examination.

  • More focus on concept and solving Numericals

Without understanding the fundamentals JEE main and JEE Advanced will not deliver you good scoring. Solve a number of numericals related to topic. Students from CBSE background should emphasize more on HOTS (Higher order thinking skills). Practice real life situational problems as well as previous year question papers to be accustomed to all kinds of questions for the examination.

  • Planning your Studies

Having a structured time table and goals for every day, every week and every month is very important. This discipled manner will help you achieve your targets and analyze your success rate of learning. Have clear layouts set for yourself of what topics need to be covered and when, prepare notes. Solve numerical topics and a minimum of one sample paper each day.

  • Importance of Previous Years Question Papers

Practicing the previous test papers of last 5 years will give you an insight of what kind of questions arise and how to solve them using different concepts. It will help you to understand the difficulty level of the IIT JEE Advanced 2018 Exam. Practising these will also promote in being able to manage time properly.

  •  Consider solving Sample Papers and Practice Papers

After the completion of practice with previous year exam papers. Start solving sample papers and practice papers. These will help you in figuring out new patterns of questions.

  • Combined study Group

Build a study group with your peers for the JEE Advanced prepping. By doing so you will be more motivated and not lose interest. It will help you understand any queries with combined efforts. The common goal here is the key factor to helping each other banish their weakness.

  • Step out of your Comfort Zone

As you finish your JEE main exam, it is now time to up your game by solving tougher questions. Study the most toughest topic and stay alert while solving such problems. It is time to be well-versed with even the hard topics. So that you do not miss out on your chance to be part of IIT this year.

  • Keeping yourself in a Healthy state

Remember this, a healthy mind and body is a key to success. Having a proper diet and routine with only enhance the process of your learning and achieving targets better. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every single day is a must, to stay hydrated. Good behaviour towards others and respecting your elders are always good blessings. So, keep in mind to follow them.

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