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Typical mistakes and their solutions to help you score high in exams

It’s the exam time and there are some common mistakes that students make while sitting for exams due to which, in spite of being well prepared, they lose marks. Also the final exams sum up a major part of the yearly results. So let’s just have a look at some such common mistakes and how to rectify them:

The Six Common mistakes in Examination Hall

Mismanagement of Time – This is one of the biggest mistake a student makes when it comes to any examination. The first thing a child should do is analyse the time given and hence distribute it depending on the degree of difficulty and number of questions.

Not Reading The Question Properly – This is one typical mistake every child sitting in an exam hall does. In the hurry to finish all the question on time, a child has the tendency to read half question and hence answer it. In this hurry you loose the marks as well. So instead stay calm and write your paper with all the patience.

Start With The Most Challenging Question – To begin with, it surely is not a wise decision to start with the question you find the toughest. You might think that this will help you save time and help score more. But it will lower your confidence and you shall even tend to make mistakes in the questions you know. Hence start with the easiest first and keep the difficult once for the last.

Copying Wrong Data – In numerical questions, students tend to copy the data wrong from the question paper in a hurry. Even if the method of solving is correct, you will tend to loose all the marks as the initial values taken will be wrong. So after jotting down the question in answer sheet, check for the numeric values twice.

Be Late For The Exam – Arrive at least 30 minutes before the examination begins. Arriving late to the examination hall, higher the stress levels and the situation worsens. Instead try coming early and relaxing, this shall boost your confidence and help you score better for sure.

Getting Distracted: Letting yourself to be stressed by watching what other people in the hall are doing is absolutely worthless. All you will do at the end is waste your planned time and not get enough time to recheck all the questions you have attempted. Let the world in that room do whatever it wants to, all you have to do is not loose your focus at all.

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